Embracing The New


2017 is the year I’m going to embrace all new things and so far everything seems to be going that way to achieve this.

This was not a New Years resolution though as they are rarely kept or maintained. I find starting with some small achievable goals rather than launching into something completely different is more manageable and leads to far less disappointment if you later find the goal more difficult than expected and takes longer than previously thought.

I have started small, tiny in fact. I have learnt to knit from casting on – I’m still learning and I haven’t made anything yet but it’s a small achievement. I’m hoping to make a cushion cover first and see if In can take it further after this.

I’ve always wanted to try glamping and to my surprise my husband has arranged a weekend away in the Lake District to try this. I’m hoping whilst we’re glamping we can try some other activities I’ve never done but would like to such as walking up one of the many fells in the Lake District and maybe take a boat out to one of the little islands that are scattered on the lakes.

I’m looking into taking a photography workshop  at our local nature reserve as I’ve always loved nature and photography but somehow these things were pushed to the background once I got to a certain age, it’s time to embrace learning the correct techniques of taking photographs instead of just taking happy go lucky snaps.

Later in the year I’m somehow going to have to get over the fear of flying, if anyone has suggestions particularly if this is something you have overcome please let me know. I’m going to New York with my husband it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go but never imagined I’d actually get to go to before I was an old lady!
Embracing the new, challenging myself and learning new things will hopefully help me to achieve more happiness in my life.

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