Real Simple Life Made Easier Magazine Review


As mentioned in Taking Time to Read I picked up a few publications about calmness, mindfulness, wellbeing and I will be reviewing each.

I hadn’t realised when I picked it up that Real Simple, Life Made Easier was an American publication (I was with both children in a busy newsagents but it looked interesting).

As it’s American it was not all relevant to me, recipes had unrecognisable ingredients and it was full of many adverts for products I’ve never heard of. It did however have a couple of interesting articles such as how to plate food like a chef and had some lovely looking recipes (if I knew the equivalent UK ingredients I would have made them).

I was intrigued however that Thanksgiving (which this edition focused on) is quite a new tradition. Although George Washington had called for a national day of thanks on 26th November 1789 it was only made a public holiday after a writer called Halle who wrote a book called Godley’s Lady’s Book and after sending lots of letters to political leaders that Abraham Lincoln announced the last Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day. More interesting though was that in 1941 the day was moved to the fourth Thursday of the month apparently to ensure enough time to get Christmas sales!

I don’t think I would purposely buy this magazine’s again only because the content was not very relevant to me however if an article caught my eye I would buy it again.

  • Edition: 1st November 2016
  • Next Issue Due Out: 1st December 2016 , 1st January 2017
  • Price: £4.10
  • Website:
  • Facebook: Real Simple
  • Twitter: @RealSimple
  • Instagram: @real_simple
  • Pinterest: Real Simple

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