Taking Time to Read

Taking time for me

Before the chaos that each morning brings since having children, before they wake and start calling my name for the next 12+ hours I have discovered I need to sit alone downstairs in the quiet, in the low lit lighting of the living room sat amongst books and magazines.

Some morning it can be just for 10 minutes, others like Sunday I managed to submerge myself in the quiet stillness with my cats purring next to me for 2 hours (yes I woke very early that day and we didn’t need to rush anywhere).

This brings complete calmness to the start of my day. I have never really read magazines which are mainly about calmness, mindfulness and well-being but one day I picked up a few different publications on the subject and these have added to my calmness and provoked further thinking and reading on the subject’s written.

I picked up the following magazines;

  • Real Simple: Life Made Easier
  • The Simple Things
  • Breathe, and make time for yourself
  • Project Calm Mindfulness Through Making

In the following posts I will review each of these in turn.

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