Does Everything Need To Be A Success To Be Happy?

Son standing on a stool to bake

Hmmm this doesn’t quite taste right…

It was one of those Saturday afternoons where we had been out and done all our jobs in town and the supermarket, I had put my youngest child down for a little nap and I really didn’t want to watch anymore children’s programs on the TV.

After searching for a simple recipe and a quick look through the kitchen cupboards in search of suitable ingredients my son and I made chocolate puff pastry braid.

We’d never made anything like this before; instead usually making one of a few things, mince pies at Christmas, gingerbread men or flapjack. This day though we needed something different and so began our afternoon of baking.

We had great fun measuring the ingredients on my then very temperamental working kitchen scales that I’d had since I first got married. We had fun mixing the ingredients most as usual falling onto the floor, putting it together, putting them in the oven and dancing around the kitchen as we tidied up waiting for our treat to bake.

Once they had baked and cooled slightly we had a bite, they were not as expected at all sadly too sweet and a little soggy. Some might say our baking was unsuccessful, a waste of ingredients and time, however we shrugged our shoulders tried to enjoy our snack and put it down as a recipe to perhaps not do again (or perhaps try again with kitchen scales that measure accurately). Even my son who was 7 at the time didn’t equate the cake or the time spent with me making them as unsuccessful.  We had spent a lovely afternoon together having fun, sharing an experience and having quality time and to me that is a far more happier and successful experience, not everything has to be a success to be happy.

One thought on “Does Everything Need To Be A Success To Be Happy?

  1. I love this 💕 You are so right. This is something I want to teach to myself and my kids. That you can enjoy the process and that you are allowed mistakes too 😊


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