Friends… Where Did They Come From?


Friends, who doesn’t love meeting up with friends for food and a few drinks and giggles?

A couple of nights ago my friends and I went out for a meal to a new Spanish restaurant it was lovely even though on the icy cold evening sat in the restaurant we (5 ladies) were the only ones there.

It didn’t matter that none of us had really eaten much Spanish food (apart from a few holidays between us), that it was early January, the night before the children went back to school or that it was icy cold outside and we were the only customers in this new restaurant with its authentic Spanish music, simple decor and huge portions of delicious food.

The main thing was that we all had a great time laughing and joking. My jaw ached so much the next day from giggling and the lesson we had from one of the group in how to eat the seafood safely from our mixed meat and fish paella we had mostly all chosen will stay with me for a long time!

The surprising part of our happy little group evening is we haven’t all known each other very well despite our husband’s/boyfriends having known each other since school. It was only after the addition of two people in the group (who work together) that we started meeting up away from the men in our lives. Before this we used to only see each other at people’s weddings or whenever the men thought it would be nice to all go out as couples. We knew each other but didn’t really talk only to talk about general things like what was on the TV or asking politely after the children and asking about work.

After a while though the two new additions to the group asked why we never met without the men as we all got on really well, we didn’t really have an answer just we’d never thought to do it. So began our catchups to well mainly share stories of the men and talk about our children (we’re all mums).

However it’s  only really been the last few times of meeting that we have moved away from the familiar and we truly are one happy group of ladies discussing anything and everything like we had been the best of friends forever and in fact we actually met up more last year than the men had met together proving friends come into your life in different ways, at different times and a group can be formed with a general connection to each other but friendships are formed over time, sharing stories both heart breaking and hilarious, and laughing over the insanity; these are the way to form friendships that I’m quite sure will last a lifetime.

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