Sharing the Happiness

During those in between days of Christmas and New Year I helped Monkey to sort through his old books and toys to donate some to charity.

We managed to collect quite a few things mainly books but our collection also included a toy fireman Sam hat which plays the theme tune to the program. Monkey has had this hat for several years and at one point it was glued to his head (well it seemed that way he always had it on – one happy memory of this was when I was changing him he ran off wearing only this hat and drove his little ride on car with the theme tune blaring away from me like he had an emergency to deal with smiling to himself)!

We took our donation to the Cancer Research shop and the lady who served us (a tall thin old lady with the most loveliest of smiles) thanked us for our donation. Monkey explained he used to like the hat and said “it sings” the lady looked a little confused but inquisitive so I showed her how to switch the theme tune on and her lovely smile got even bigger it was a face of pure delight like when a young child suddenly learns how to do something they have struggled with previously.

She thanked us again and as we left a friend of hers arrived in the shop I heard her calling her friend over and I imagine when we left she said to her friend “Oh Jean you have to look at this…”

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