Happiness List

Day trip to Keswick feeding the ducks a firm favourite in our family

What makes some people happy can of course make others unhappy or annoyed it’s an individual feeling no two people are likely going to say the exact same thing and so below is a list of some of the things which make me truly happy. It’s not an exhaustive list of course and at certain times of the year or as I get older what makes me happy changes however these are my main happy go to list.

In future posts I’ll explore these areas further.

My family, yes a cliche and they often have me tearing my hair out and I definitely have more grey hairs but life would be pretty boring without them.

Husband, we’ve been together for 19 years he makes my heart smile.

Friends, I don’t have many however they are the type I could depend upon in times of need.

Reading, a love of books has always been a huge part of who I am however during 2016 I realise I haven’t actually read a book for myself  only children’s books, magazines and articles on my Kindle.

Blogging, I’m not new to the blogging world this is my 4th I only have one other current blog http://onceuponatimestories.wordpress.com where I review children’s books from the perspective of parent and also includes the opinions of the children. Sadly though I haven’t done a post in a little while as I mentioned in my introduction life has been fast recently, hoping this corner of the blogging world will help me go back to this blog as it simply makes me happy.

Art and craft, I used to do cross stitching, sew on a sewing machine and generally make anything and everything. That was before life got busy when I was at school doing A levels, jobs, marriage and lately children. I’ve not really got back to it fully. Yes I’ve made the odd thing for the children mainly and sat and done art with them but to have an actual time dedicated to this activity for me well that’s not happened yet…

Photography, I’ve had various cameras since I had my first snappy snap camera aged 8 but when I got my first mobile with a camera and more recently my Kindle I hadn’t been using my lovely camera that I bought just before I had Boo in fact there are only a couple of photos on there from the hospital all the rest I took with my mobile and Kindle. I regret this now as the quality is far poorer when printed and I have therefore moved back to using my camera (it’s huge and heavy and has an impressive zoom lens) I’m still at the stage of leaving it on automatic settings and I would like to improve my style. My favourite kind of photos are those that are not posed for. When I can I like to take pictures of people as they really are, not posed a moment captured in time without them knowing I have taken the photo. It captures a moment far better and more realistically.

Learning, I don’t believe learning stops when you leave school why should it? Before I had the children and many years after completing school I went back to do an AS Level Psychology course (loved it) and An Introduction to Counselling course. In the past year I have learnt how to use the work intranet system to create pages and maintain them with useful information. In the New Year I would like to learn to knit particularly one of those oversized cosy throws and have today found a blog about how to get started with knitting – no longer seen for just grannies!

Home, I’m a homebird I like being in my house especially when it’s cold and I can get all warm and cosy but this house has never felt very homely which I really want to improve perhaps through my crafting!

Day trips, love a good day trip. I live in Cumbria and I’m very fortunate that the Lake District is practically on my doorstep (from my kitchen window I can see lots of  mountains in the distance which I truly love).

Christmas, ok who doesn’t love a bit of this holiday season I prefer the run up to Christmas rather than the big day itself and it’s probably the season I mainly do crafts with the children.

Shopping, I’m a not so secret shopaholic I have many clothes which remain unworn and I have many nail varnishes (I barely use any) leftovers from past stressful situations/a very stressful job in the past where I used to buy random things mainly nail varnish. I don’t buy much for myself these days as most of my spending is done on children’s clothes (this week I had to buy Boo tights and son now needs new jeans after putting a whole in the knee of his jeans)! I’m also in a much less stressful job and I’m becoming more content with what I have rather than what I want. I didn’t even give any suggestions for husband for my Christmas present as I truly didn’t need or want for anything. As it turns out I could have done with having some Sanctuary shower gel…. Never mind.

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